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What is our secret ?


How to have money to do a world tour ? How to live travelling the half of my time ?

We reduced our costs after that we analyzed every recurrent charge in our lifestyle, and you what about your expenses ?

The rent of your home ? We choosed to live in a mobile home as we travel the half of our time. To find the best price we choosed an old one and renovated it by ourselves.

The insurances ? Do you really need all ? User comparaison's websites to have a good price.

The cigarettes ? Buy them during your travels in the duty free shops or make them by yourfelf (roll or with filling tubes)

The car ? The big brand's trend is to have a low cost range, you can choose for example a Dacia car or something like that. You'll save money by buying the car, for the insurances and for the fuel as well. You'll find models with all equipments for a good price. You have to know that low costs brands are using technologies which already were used for the normal brands. And buy a secondhand you'll have a much more attractive price on it.

The clothes ? There are even more low costs shops for clothing ! For example, in Europa, there is Primark in which you can buy T-Shirts for 3 USD ! Or in the supermarkets, there are sections with clothes with very good prices ! The last advice can be to buy the clothes in China on a website like aliexpress.com the shipment is mostly free.

The electronic gadgets ? Don't hesitate to buy them on AliExpress.com you'll get prices until 10 times less than in your country.

The food ? Don't go to the restaurant, search for cheap recipes on the internet and buy the food in hard discounter, the quality is very good ! Trust us !

The mobile phone ? As there is Wifi in every place, do you really need the subscriptions you choosed ? Do you really need roaming and nolimit internet ? Look for a cheaper subscription and stop believeing the iPhone is the best phone in the world ! Buy a smartphone with the characteristics you really need, choose a cheaper brand like Huawei or maybe find yours on AliExpress.com as well ! So if you're travelling and loose your phone you can buy a new one for like 70 USD with about the same functions as the iPhone. 

All the services you use ? Do everything you can by yourself ! The hair dresser ? Search videos on YouTube to learn how to it by yourself... Change your tires ? It is very easy, search it on YouTube as well... Repair something in your home ? Search a solution on the web, you will see it is very interesting to learn, you will save money and you'll feel the satisfaction if you do it by yourself !

For every expense you have to do, try to find out a better price ! Then think about what these savings could represent for your projects !


To resume, forget about the idea that can't wear something cheap or live in a mobil home. Those are prejudices that you received from the society ! Your personal image is not as important as you think if you like yourself and your lifestyle ! And don't believe that the cheaper brands have products with a bad quality, a t-shirt is a t-shirt. The big brands talk about quality to grow the price but in the most of cases the same industry produces for big brands and for cheaper brands !

Don't hesitate to follow us on the social networks, we will give you all our advices as soon as we found them out !

And now discover all our dreams that we made come true thanks to the lifestyle that we created :